Monday, June 21, 2010

Presidential Architecture - World Cup Inspired Post

In honor of World Cup Soccer, I am posting some of the world's most interesting presidential palaces, jumping off with South African's own Pretoria Union building where state officials meet and the presidential head of state resides in this amazing palace designed by architect Sir Herbert Baker. The building was constructed using a light sandstone material with each stone being individually with the interiors being predominately in the traditional Cape Dutch styling of the area with dark wood floors, light plaster walls and heavy beams with shutters dotting the facade. I find it interesting with the level of beauty of South Africa and a close suburb of Pretoria named Arcadia meaning "Playground of the Gods" that they have the largest number of of embassies in the world outside of our own Washington DC.

Images from inside the Palace

Above two images from Tieske via Flickr

Albeit differing in style the remaining images are resounding in their own rite.







Photo Credits: Huffington Post, Wikipedia

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