Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dishing It Out...

From Elle Decor
As if we don't know that interior designers are now hawking out their creative licences to furniture companies, fabric houses, lighting vendors and the such - we have now entered the next frontier, that of table top design. It should be fitting as well, with the long standing relationship that designers have had with the DIFFA organization, designing grandiose and elaborate tablescapes for the charity. It seems that fashion designers have long been exploring the medium, such as Versace (below), Kate Spade for Lenox (below), even bridal design guru, Vera Wang. Now interior designers are getting their chance to dish out some of the most creative patterns we have yet to see.

The ever classic Medusa Red pattern - Versace

Dedalo - Versace

Gorgona - Versace

And who else? Versace - I was going to post a single photo by the master but I could not NOT share these beauts with you...just paying a bit of homage to my Italian blood

Kate Spade for Lenox

From Elle Decor

Pickfair Collection

The fearless, unmistakeably interiors of Kelly Wearstler have now been represented in tableware for Pickard. She shows the most versatility in her collections, while still maintaining a sense of subtlety with the soft colors

Trousdale Collection - Kelly Wearstler for Pickard
Hillcrest Collection - Kelly Wearstler for Pickard

Muholland Collection - Kelly Wearstler for Pickard

Thomas O'Brien for Target

Jonathan Adler

Andrew Zega & Bernd H. Dams via Elle Decor

Queen of classic design - Charlotte Moss for Pickard

Charlotte Moss for Pickard

And while I could easily host a smashing (not my dishes!) dinner party with any one of the patterns above - this out of production line "Silver Greek Key" by HEINRICH & Co. is my constant. Simply timeless...

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