Monday, February 28, 2011

And the Oscar Goes to - Best Dressed Mila!

I give the best dressed Oscar to Mila Kunis, donned in a Elie Saab number. The lavender hue hints to the upcoming spring season, and the flowy but structured shape with the scoop neck and seemingly embroidered "pasties" peaking out from under the top speak to the romance of the Oscar awards...well done. Brava Mila!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dallas' Saint Ann's School - NOT Dishing Out Cafeteria Food

Saint Ann's School in it's former days...

When I was a little, and now, when I am big - still to this day, I can look at an old dilapidated building and picture it to full restoration in about 30 seconds. Yes, sometimes I have to work out the kinks, like using existing materials to keep it's authenticity and how it can still be to code, but nonetheless - I could walk old buildings all day long and think about an adaptable use for them. And that is why I am SO glad Dallas did just that for a former schoolhouse, Saint Ann's built in 1927, primarily built as Dallas' first school for Hispanic children it now boasts a great restaurant space with an edgy, modern glam meets zen lodge retreat vibe. If you can't picture that, just go there an experience it'll be glad you did.

I had heard numerous friends talking the place up, and had it on my list as places to check out. It was just happenstance that I ran across it when a client recommended it as it was right down the street from her hi-rise where were having an all day photo shoot, trying to get both day and night shots of her place with the famous Dallas skyline in the background - had to wait for that green building to come on! We took a lunch break around 3 and of course the place was dead, they even happened to be having a photo shoot as well, but the crew and I were invited to sit at the bar to chow down.

I took the pressed chicken sandwich complete with pan seared chicken topped with mozzarella cheese on sourdough with roma tomatoes + cilantro pesto sided with sweet potato fries (you can choose regular or a house salad if you like). While the food and service was great, I loved the design scheme throughout and how it played on the school innuendo with the menu on notebook ruled paper. I will have to go back to check out the full dinner menu however.

Restored to what is today....

Not your typical lunch line! I loved the use of the glass floor with pebbles underfoot

Love, love the worn and torn Chesterfield sofa up against the natural wood paneling topped with a black crystal chandelier (for another post on those beauts click here...)

The dining room, sleek and minimal - don't forget to go upstairs where there is a museum collection of Samurai warriors thrown in for your history lesson.

The school can boast Dallas' largest city beer garden as just behave or you might get called into the Principal's office!

The Menu

Saint Ann’s, 2501 N. Harwood Ave, 214.782.9841

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