Thursday, June 2, 2011

One Kings Lane Sale - DTown Girl Michelle Nussbaumer's Wares

I am often in and out of Dallas' premier interior design showrooms sourcing goods for clients and their homes and always on my list of stops is none other than Ceylon et Cie, perhaps the most innovative, eclectic and visual exciting showroom that speaks to all my five senses and perhaps the sixth, which I term as INSPIRATION, as the showroom can easily transcend me from the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan metroplex into a Middle Eastern bazaar to a Parisian street market in 2 point 5.

Michelle Nussbaumer has been touted by Elle Decor among other notable tomes as being one of America's tastemakers and in fact will be showcasing her goods on ONE KING'S LANE Tastemaker sale, starting bright and early tomorrow morning and will run through Tuesday June 7. Set the coffee pot on autopilot as you will be missing out on the goodies if you hit that snooze button!

I had the opportunity to catch up with Michelle before the sale -

dD How did your partnership with One Kings Lane transpire?

M - I was so surprised when Ali Pincus called, and we became fast friends on the phone. I had become familiar with One Kings Lane and had loved shopping on the site, and was so pleased when they reached out to me. We ended up having a big party in Dallas with Ali and the One Kings Lane gang. It was a great success, and we all had so much fun together. I love all the girls at One Kings Lane .

dD Is this the first time you have partnered with One Kings Lane ?

M - I had a sale with One Kings last year and it was such a great and successful experience. We are all really looking forward to this sale.

dD - In today's age of technology and immense amount of ecommerce transactions, what are the benefits to having a brick and mortar decor shop?

M - Ecommerce is great because it makes unique pieces and design available to people everywhere, but there will always be the need for a shop. Even though a picture can say a thousand words, there is nothing like walking into a beautiful environment where all of your senses can come alive.

A snapshot into Ceylon et Cie
For a great post on the shop by fellow Dallas blogger - Knight Moves, click here

dD - Americans have been known as the throwaway society in the past, and have preferred the new and shiny over objects that tout a true time worn patina – however, now with the emphasis on reuse and sustainability, antiques have been gaining popularity in mainstream design, even among the younger set. For those on a budget, what items or tips would you give for starting a collection?

M - First of all, I think that Americans have always seen the value in heirloom pieces and family hand me downs. What is different today is that people are more informed and want to mix these antiques with fresh modern pieces. My advice for starting a collection is to go with what you love. Any collection massed together is quite beautiful. Some items that I think are still financially accessible, and are some of my favorite collectibles, are black and white photography, Murano glass and African sculpture and currency.

dD - What are some of your favorite pieces offered in the One Kings Lane sale? How would you use them to decorate a space?

M - This whole collection has been inspired by my travels. My Ikat fabric pillows and Suzani durbar pillows are very “of the moment” and can be used in so many different ways to add personality to a space. The Rootwood Chair is a great sculptural piece. I like to use furniture in a sculptural way.

Some of Michelle's top picks

I have integrated many Ceylon pieces into my own client's homes....a beautiful yellow piece of Murano glass is the dramatic pop of color in the monochromatic scheme below.

Below the 4 gold framed prints were sourced through Ceylon.

And of course Michelle's shop is full of ethnic artifacts, like the wood head figures shown on my clients end table - another piece which was sourced at Ceylon
Happy Shopping!

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