Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dallas Design District Spotlight: Antiques Moderne

I have been enamored with this showroom for months since I stumbled upon it as it is only a block down from my offices in the Dallas Design District. Antiques Moderne has taken Mid-Century modern design and made it accessible to Dallasites...and it is one trend that is just heating up in Dallas along with the heat this summer. They can barely keep the items on the floor, many selling within an hour of a post or email newsletter....I already have my eye on a couple of pieces, and was sure not to post those for you to see....yes, I am greedy.

Don't worry I have a post chock full of goodies for your sun and chlorine damaged eyes below. Take heed...

Straight from their website they offer the following autobiography...

"For over 20 years John Bacile has been in love with interesting and unusual antiques and vintage Mid Century things that make you laugh, appreciate them or shake your head in wonder and admiration. He loves anything different, peculiar or uncommon so long as it draws at your heart and your eye.

From the moment you enter MODERNE, you instantly become aware that this is not a typical vintage Mid Century store. What greets you is a profoundly uncommon mix of Traditional, Mid Century, and Art Deco designed styles from circa 1930 through 1979 - the great years of the vintage period known as Art Moderne.

Each item is specifically chosen for it's uniqueness, quality or design, and no item whether in mint condition or in need of reconditioning is overlooked. Packed into a huge 12,000 sqft space on Industrial Blvd, there are hundreds of items to browse through and choose from. Additionally, MODERNE offers a wide range of refinishing, painting, lacquering and reupholstering. Most upholstery jobs can be accomplished in less than 7 days; other repairs in less than 14.

Also, MODERNE has a professional photography studio and can present you with quality images of any vintage item in the store to share with your clients, associates or relatives."

This piece is amazing...I see this in a young baccalaureate pad, great for entertaining for dinner parties with a glam mirror above.

In love with these...I want in my room. Think refinished, the pop up details could even be a contrasting color.

Way too fun. Again, in love.

I think Kelly Wearstler used these in either her guest bedroom or her beach house if I remember correctly, of course upholstered in her licensed Lee Jofa fabric. They rocked.

I am on an endless search for the perfect sofa. This was getting really close. It is sold.
Murphy's Law.

Ah...sleek style, tufted cognac leather. A winner.

I picture this glammed up with sleek thick Thai silk...think Jan Showers, 1940's French, neutral letting the curves speak for themselves.

Perfect to interject into a rocker style interior or even in a corporate office for water cooler banter
And EAMES of course.

And HERMAN MILLER of course.

SOLD of course. They have a waiting list. Get on it.

What a piece of art. And sure to be a conversation piece.

This baby needs a little TLC, but shellac'd and sheened up she's sure to shine.

I like the juxtaposition of dark square legs supporting the light colored round top.

This bed is so Studio 54 to me...I know you guys agree. I am just the one who said it.
Where's Warhol when you need him?

And of course, how could the shop be complete without a WILDER BEAST thrown in for good measure...I guess I have to google this wilder beast, is this an imaginary animal like jackaloupes? It just sounds so fairy tale like...
I haven't even begun to touch what is available, and like I said what is available goes fast. Run.

Antiques Moderne
1208 N Industrial Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75207
Phone: 214.215.9600
Hours: 10-6 daily 12-5 Sun

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