Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Without AMBITION one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The PRIZE will not be sent to you. You HAVE to W I N it. The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The recession will end. Where will you be when it does?

Use ingenuity, innovation and creativity to your advantage to overcome challenges and you will reap the benefits in the not so distant future.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Musings Part I - On My Radar..Lovin' This!

Featured in Traditional Home June '09 Issue - Love the application of the below fabric on the sofa from Lee Jofa - GP & J Baker/Fretwork

I am plastering my walls in my dining (just above the wainscotting - may do grasscloth below, undecided) with the Fretwork taupe and silver version (not pictured...much more subtle, but still a glamourous impact)

This would be fun on the above Fretwork paper...

I like the rubbed brass version - but both are pretty...

Paul McCobb For Calvin Group Credenza Circa 1950 - Picture with above sunburst...on top of said "Fretwork" - I am sick already!

Plop this in corner of said dining room with plentiful decanters of vino and entertain like it's 1957 - Mid-century mod meets 1930's glam...in 2009...what recession?! Haven't even seen/heard of one - have you? My advice...quit looking for one and come over for dinner...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

DHome Announces Dallas' Top Interior Designers 2009

Showcased in the new issue of DHome magazine is the annual "Best Designer's" 2009 edition. Congrats to all of the nominees and also a special shout out to not to one, not two, but to 3 of Dallas Design Group, Interiors designers, Nancy Anderson-Ross, Tracy Rasor and Lisa Barron for being selected as DHome magazine top 2009 Dallas interior designers! We have been nominated for this award every year since 2004, which showcases some of Dallas best interior designers whom are nominated by their peers. We take pride in being nominated for awards such as these, but our most coveted award is the satisfaction from our clients at the completion of a project whom feel like new family members and lifetime friends. We specialize in hi-end residential construction detailing and also are also focusing on differentiating our client base and accepting more commercial-type projects - just completing one that was nominated by the ASID Legacy of Design Awards by designer Lisa Barron.

I have worked at the firm for more than two years and it has been an invaluable learning experience working directly under designers Nancy Anderson-Ross, who's eye for detail and never ending knowledge of construction detailing is astounding, and Tracy Rasor, who's passion and energy for design is contagious. I am excited by the opportunity that has been extending to me where I have recently been accepting my own clients in a senior designer position - hoping one day to grace the pages of DHome with these ladies as well! I have thrown together a small sampling of their portfolios and a brief summary...

Nancy Anderson-Ross
President, Dallas Design Group, Interiors

Owner and Principal Designer Nancy Anderson Ross, TAID, Allied Member ASID, and has an impressive 30 years plus years of experience and has currently completed a 30,000 square foot English Renaissance estate on Dallas' claimed Strait Lane.

Tracy Rasor
Vice President, Dallas Design Group, Interiors

Designer Tracy Rasor, Allied Member ASID, comes from a long lineage of homebuilders, designers, artists and the like. Three generations and three facets of the industry have been the building blocks of this designer’s success. Graduating from Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State), Tracy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design with a minor in Technology. This formal education has been coupled with the legacy of design that has set her on the path of success. Tracy feels the key to successful design lies in her ability to ‘read’ a client and know exactly what they envision even if the client can not communicate their desires completely. This vision is further enhanced by the close relationships she nurtures with her many clients. Having earned the American Society of Interior Designers 2007 Legacy of Design Award of Merit for her work in the Holloway model of Sharif & Munir, Tracy has distinguished herself in her own right. Having a sophisticated design style, Tracy creates timeless looks by bridging the gap between old and new.

Lisa Barron
Senior Designer, Dallas Design Group, Interiors

Designer Lisa Barron,Allied Member ASID, TAID, graduated from a nationally accredited interior design program. She added her interior design degree to her Bachelors degree Magna Cum Laude in Liberal Arts, Communications, and Theater with an emphasis on set design from Texas Women’s University. Lisa has passed the NCIDQ, the National Accreditation Exam for Interior Designers. After eight years experience with her own design business Lisa joined Dallas Design Group Interiors in 2004. Presently Lisa is a Designer at DDGI who specializes in residential and commercial projects. Lisa believes that the pathway to excellence in design is through carefully listening to the client and integrating their wishes and values into the design process so that the ultimate product reflects the client’s perspective and personality. Lisa’s creative approach to design is based upon the blending of her background in Liberal Arts, Communications, Theater, and Interior Design. You will enjoy her innovative approach to your project.

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