Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bettinger Studio

Richard Bettinger is a capturer of light like most photographers, but in the most literal terms. Bettinger uses light as his medium to take the most ordinary of objects and transforms them into an abstract piece of art. His work is at once VIBRANT, ALLURING and SEXY. Bettinger’s line of photography and the newly launched furniture line that incorporates his artwork is rep’d at one of Dallas’ premier designer showrooms in the Dallas Design Center, David Sutherland.

Bettinger’s career into photography really took off with the technological advances of digital photography where his urge to realize the type of movement he can coax out a camera is immediately gratified. The just released “Moonshine” collection uses the contrast of the bright white moon against the dark void of the water and ink black night sky to create a visual that appears as if he has captured smoke with his lens. Bettinger’s work is showcased throughout the United States at various David Sutherland showrooms.

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