Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Projects - What I've Been Doing to My OWN House

I am super excited to rush home tonight to see my wood floors that are going to be installed while I am at work...I have had carpet in my living room for 3 years and hated every second of it! The bedrooms will still have carpet for now while the rest of the house has tile. Carpet to me should be left for places like bedrooms, media rooms (for acoustics) and possibly playrooms where the kiddos love to roll around in the fluffiness of the accumulation of 5 million dust mites. Ugh...but really, if you can do wood everywhere, do it!

I selected a medium to dark tone with a wider width board being over 5". The company also sells the wood in wider widths, even up to 8" in the bamboo. I personally really like bamboo flooring - it is modern, inexpensive and green as bamboo is a sustainable material and has an exponential growth rate. It is also not limited to light tones people normally correlate to bamboo materials, but is also available in medium to espresso finishes. I purchased my flooring online via Simple Floors, a great selection with even better prices and uber friendly employees.

So now I am faced with making yet another decision, a rug for this room. As a designer, maybe my fellow designers go through this as well, I can NOT make a decision for myself! Actually, that is not entirely true, if I had an unlimited budget I could make decisions all day long, to the dismay of my bank account! It is a daunting task to find something I can spend a reasonable amount of money on, that is not from Crate & Barrel or some other big box retailer that Sue and Mary don't already have in their house. That is why I am a big fan of estate sales, antique malls, and just random shops that have one a kind pieces. Here are a few selections that I have made for my home thus far...and some rug options I have below. Let me know which one is your favorite!


This is a recent purchase I made, a pendant light fixture via Uttermost. I liked how it is modern yet still a little funky and different

While purusing a favorite delivery company's consignment store, PDS Consignments, I found a marble topped table similiar to the Ereo Sarrinen Tulip Table. While the base is different (so not a true one) it did have the beautiful veined top and it was $150 for a 50"! This is probably one of my favorite pieces in the house. I had glass, then wood and both are impossible to keep clean and damage fee - this is so easy to clean and resists scratching and denting.


I have converted my dining room into my office so my 6 year old could take over the extra bedroom and have her own playroom where I can just close the door when a tornadoe goes through it! And during big holidays it is not hard to simply turn the table around and make it a dining room again. This is my inspiration shot, a Kelly Wearstler design, I want to incorporate this feel into the room, mixing different styles and periods but in a way that everything works well together. I am also planning on papering one wall...again I haven't decided on the exact one, but have narrowed it down from over 20 (I am being serious, unfortunately).

Here's what was left...

Schumacher "Birches" (on foil)

Schumacher "Fireworks"

Let me know your thoughts!


Okay, above my living room currently has the walls painted almost this exact color,and the trim being about the same as well. My home is on the soft modern side but with random funkinesss thrown in, like a huge black and white macro shot of a dandelion, with orchids and books everywhere, things like that. The wood floors will be the medium to dark and here are my rug selections below...if I could run over to Edward Fields and have Debbie make me up a custom beaut I would, but dropping $15G's isn't an option :0

I am leaning towards the beige or the tan - I want the rug to be lighter than the floors...this is my favorite

Clean, modern, and simple
I love the patterns of the rugs below but they are too dark , if anyone knows of lighter versions that are similiar let me know.

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