Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Showroom Spotlight - Elegant Additions

As an interior designer whose workload is about 60% construction based, I am constantly looking for the newest things to come out in the market, especially plumbing and hardware products. Just like the pair of perfect earrings complement your outfit, hardware is like the jewelrey to a room. Elegant Additions at The International on Turtle Creek is like the Harry Winston to my rooms...flawless hardware - complete with a modern or traditional edge, extraordinary detailing and impeccable service. And I must say that impeccable service in a hardware/plumbing company isn't always easy to come by. Case in point - just when you think your job is finishing up the builder calls you, asking why is there a chrome faucet with brushed nickel cabinet pulls, or the granite fabricator is asking you how to install a farmhouse sink. Really??? Yes, I have had to walk someone through an instruction manual on how to install a farmhouse sink. Obviously Elegant Additions didn't supply the hardware, because this would not have happened. Besides offering up the best products, they ensure that they will be there every step of the way, even going as far being at a jobsite in the middle of the night assisting the plumber with a dragon head faucet for a morning reveal to the client. You gotta love this job...

There are also so many things you can do to an item to customize it, you will be hard pressed to see it show up at the Jones' next door. (And by the Jones', I may mean THE Jones' - but I am not confirming or denying, just merely suggesting ;) At a recent launch trunk show, I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Koch, the driving force behind this successful company, who started Elegant Additions in 1985 with a partner and a group of investors. Eventually the partner and investors were bought out, and Julie has grown the company into an national, multi-million dollar operation, respected by manufacturers and colleagues alike, with showrooms also in Houston and Atlanta.

This is their newest line, the Metropolitan Collection by Hamilton Sinkler, a modern reinterpretation of classic hardware, but has been modified by using larger scale and a range of finishes. Their hardware has graced hi end retail clothing ateliers, commercial projects, even custom hardware for Mark Ecko for his New Jersey digs. Again, all pieces can be customized - you can provide a sample of a finish and they will match it, or you can completely resize or change elements. They will even go so far as to make a resin mold of the actual product so you can be sure you know what you are signing off on.

One of my favorite pieces above, the egg door knob.

Below are some of my other favorite finds the Elegant Additions carries

I am tempted to say this may be my favorite knob ever....

Just spec'd this - two of them to be exact for a client's bar trough sink, one at each end

For the glam and over the top client

This is amythest, yes, REAL amythest. We just spec'd a client's master bath hardware to be a version of this with sodalite stone to match their handpicked sodalite slabs from a quarry in Carrera, Italy

This line is features exotic stones like tigers eye and quartzite to really make a statement, they have tons of vanity bases and styles to choose from

For More Information Contact -
150 Turtle Creek, Suite 203
Dallas, Texas 75207
Telephone: 214.745.0088
Fax: 214.745.7007

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