Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Technorati - iPhone Apps Made to Make Life as a Designer Easier

My "ex" phone was called "The Laptop" - without officially penning the name it seemed as if everyone I came across who came in contact with my cell phone dubbed it so. A Sprint Motorola Q9 that at the time was capable of functioning as my third arm, however was seemingly large in a world of thin touch screen phones and especially so when the iPhone was launched. I was leery of hopping on the bandwagon, any one at that, but soon succumbed when I was told I could be three times as productive while still maintaining the same monthly bill. I have never looked back! And while most phones as outdated as soon as they hit the store shelves, the iPhone can simply reinvent itself in a single production of a new app, with hundreds being programed daily. So here is a short list with the help of House Beautiful on my favorite iPhone apps meant to make our lives a little easier...

The camera on the iPhone is by far, bar none, the most effective however. Great resolution and lighting with a couple vices being there is no zoom or flash, really?? - I hear the new update this summer will solve the zoom problem however. I am looking for an app to file the photos per client, occasion, person, etc..so if anyone know of one let me know!

Ben Color Capture
Take a picture or upload an image and Ben will suggest the matching Benjamin Moore paint. Click "Strip" for six similar colors or "Harmony" for four complementary colors. FREE

Ever wonder how your bedroom would look in pink? Take a photo and then "paint" the walls—floors, ceiling, trim—any color you can imagine. Then you'll know! $2.99

ColorSnap (Sherwin-Williams)
Looking for paint that matches a color in your upholstery? Focus your camera on the spot and ColorSnap will find a match—and suggest two complementary colors. FREE

The entire world of Craigslist in the palm of your hand, with all gazillion listings: antiques, real estate, job openings. Not just for shoppers—you can place ads, too. $0.99

Browse, bid, sell, and win while away from your computer. Pop-up alerts tell you when you've been outbid, so you don't have to lose an auction when you're on the move. FREE

iHandy Carpenter
The picture hanger's dream: Levels to straighten horizontally and vertically. A touch-sensitive protractor to plot any angle. And a ruler to measure small objects. $1.99
And just for fun of course...

Pick a favorite song or artist and Pandora will create an infinite playlist of related songs. It's radio, reinvented, to play the songs you want to hear. FREE

You love that song, but who sings it? Let your phone listen to the tune for 15 seconds and it will tell you the title and artist. One more click to download it. FREE

Courtesy: House Beautiful

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