Thursday, April 8, 2010

And They're Off! Equestrian Inspired Decor

In honor of the start to the 2010 racing season at Lone Star Park today, I am posting up some equestrian inspired digs and goodies, meant to push you out to the park and start taking bets...(I may have ulterior motives as the fam's got some thoroughbreds out there!) but there's nothing like hearing the beat of horses and the crowd on their feet to get your adrenaline up.

One of my favorite designers, Thom Filicia from Elle Decor - I love the scale of this piece. Whoever said less was more???

Beautiful & abstract
From Elle Decor
The dream team of Bagdley Mischka at their Kentucky home.

Following images from the property.

I would probably never leave this room! You can eat and read at the same time...

Three years ago, the pair, who are a couple as well as business partners, abandoned their fashionable weekends in Southampton, New York, for the timeless beauty and more understated glamour of Kentucky horse country. - Elle Decor

To do a simple pop of equestrian in your home, try one of the following additions
Both from Arteriors Home



Enjoy and good luck!

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