Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In Her (Mudmucked) Shoes...Part 2

Part 2 Here!
As a following up to last months installment of "Day in a Life of an Interior Designer" Part One - where I recorded all the ins and outs and ups and downs (lot of those) in a day of me working at a highly reputable design firm in DTown - for interior design webzine Plinth & Chintz founder Laura McDonald. The article is meant to show those that are faultering in their decision to proceed through with a design career what the "Real World" of picking pretty things is all about. And even though "picking pretty things" is what it boils down as far as your design aesthic is concerned (and what your clients see at the final stage) that is only a small ( v e r y small) portion of what an interior designer does - especially those that specialize in contstuction aspects as well as commercial design. There are so many things that you can not and never will learn in school, so many things that I have learned from "experience" (that means mistakes) and so many that I am sure I will learn from in the future - I guess Buddha calls that wisdom. Hopefully it won't be very expensive wisdom.

And of course detailed as an interior designer's day is...there is a third and final installment next month.

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