Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Journalism Debut

Plinth&Chintz editor and founder Laura McDonald Stewart, ASID, IIDA extended a much grateful invitation to me to contribute to this month's article. Plinth&Chintz fills a much needed void in the interior design industry with it's relevant content and always up to date info as to what is going on in both the residential and commercial sectors of interior design. The web has of course increased coverage to designers and resources, whether it be via blogging, twitter, or facebook - but Plinth&Chintz remains to offer a sound board for professional designers and industry partners alike.

As I become much more long winded when I write versus when I am speaking (well...some may say differently!) the article has been broken up in two articles - so be sure to check back for January's issue! I wanted to show people - students, aspiring designers, and even clients - that our job is not all glam and glitter. To be an interior designer (a profitable anyways) you can not afford to NOT be a detailed oriented, compulsive multi-tasker with a keen eye for fabulous interiors and a plus if you have a psychology major when dealing with, ahem...eccentric? clientele. It also doesn't hurt to have a thick skin, you work with big, burly contractors who think this little designer with her heels clicking down the driveway doesn't know dirt from mud. It didn't take long for them to find out otherwise...sorry, my "competitive spirit" will come out real quick...!

Feel free to send me a line if you want an even deeper understanding of what you can expect in the "glamorous" world of design - and hey, at the end of the day - I wouldn't want to do be doing anything else...

And thanks again Laura! :)

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