Monday, November 23, 2009

Psst....Nancy Corzine Book Signing

Any designer worth her weight knows who Nancy Corzine is. She is an inspiration to me - an entrepreneur who first brought beautiful, glamorous spaces to her clients. Then, as one of the first pioneers in our time who started designer branding. Amassing her own designs into furniture, fabric, and lighting collections sold at some of the most renowned designer trade showrooms, then on to print...publishing her own books, with the much anticipated "Glamour At Home". Corzine will be gracing her presence in a couple of weeks for a book signing at Allan Knight showroom in the International on Turtle Creek...if you are lucky enough to get an invite that is...
Designers can contact Candace Evans at Allan Knight for more information.

“It hasn’t been so difficult; all it takes is total devotion, boundless energy and the ability to reinvent yourself on a continuing basis," says Nancy Corzine of her work as a residential interior designer.

Design entrepreneur Nancy Corzine is one of America’s leading home design talents. Her innate design talent, strong determination and entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind her success in the design world. Her keen understanding of how people live today, coupled with her talent for creating stylish and elegant designs have made the Nancy Corzine name synonymous with elegance, quality, and style. This commitment to excellence has enabled Nancy Corzine to not only design beautiful products for the home, but also manufacture and ensure their excellent quality.

Nancy Corzine’s design talent surfaced at an early age, at 6 years old, she was constantly redecorating the dollhouse her father had built for her. This God given talent is lifelong. While raising three children, Nancy Corzine decorated her own home on a very modest budget, yet with style and elegance. Venturing into other projects, including a large Seattle-based bank, she would put the children to bed and then spend 5 hours working at the drawing board. Business continued to thrive and Nancy Corzine moved to Los Angeles, where she eventually opened her own furniture and textile showroom.

The major step towards expansion came when she was contracted by designer Louis Catalfo to produce furniture for the Century Plaza Tower in LA. At this point, all of her manufacturing was done with outside contractors. Nancy saw the opportunity to have her own factories, maintaining not only creative control, but also quality control of her products. Over the past 23 years, her company has become a major success, encompassing 14 showrooms, two production facilities; and a textile line of over 2,000 selections. Nancy Corzine has attracted some of the country’s leading interior designers and celebrities including, President Clinton, Donald Trump, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton and Adam Sandler as clients.

Nancy Corzine marries her design talent and keen insight to current lifestyles. A keen observer of people’s needs, she has the ability to translate classic design elements to suit today’s homes; giving people products that incorporate both elegance and comfort. The responsiveness and understanding that Nancy Corzine provides her clients has led to solid, long-term relationships, and mutual trust. Through her hard work, Nancy Corzine has been able to achieve great success, yet feels the need to constantly challenge herself. “I believe we should always lead, and never follow trends.”

Nancy Corzine is always looking for design inspiration in all of her travels. Whether it is Asia or Europe the Corzine eye is always searching. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that makes Nancy Corzine able to see business opportunities, whether opening her own factories to ensure quality over her home products, or introducing new products and styles that her clients desire.

Dividing her time between homes in Manhattan, Bridgehampton, NY and Los Angeles, Nancy Corzine understands the importance of giving back to the community. Passionate about eliminating Alzheimer’s; the disease that took her mother, Nancy has devoted years to the Steering Committee of the Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala, raising funds to find a cure. She has also been appointed the President of the new Lauder Family public charity The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

Two other passions close to her heart are education and animal welfare. In the past, Nancy funded a teaching scholarship at UCLA and even more recently she was honored with a degree from the Interior Design Institute in Orange County, where she has started a scholarship for deserving students. As if her time were limitless, Nancy continues to rescue animals and is a dedicated animal rights advocate.
Credits: IDI (Interior Design Institute)

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