Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Future of Publishing...is here.

Everyone in the blogospheres can't get enough of "Lonny". A new e-zine aimed at replacing shelter magazines such as Domino that have fallen flat with the rest of the economy. Lonny features in detail articles with simple point and click features that will take you right to advertisers and products that have been uesed in designs - thus saving time and paper, perhaps not money since we are an instant gratification kind of group, us Americans, and will surely be spending more of it since all of this great design is so readily accessible to the masses. Well, upside...at least we can get the economy going again.

Also the beautiful point is that the group that got this going started with nothing, just had a passion and knew that they could fulfill a growing need to interior design addicts while making money....I am sure we will be hearing alot about Lonny and new e-zines in the next couple of years.

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