Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sleep Easy...No Ambien Required

On a recent shopping trip through one of my go to showrooms, Leslie Taylor on Slocum (sandwiched between Le Louvre and Legacy Antiques) I happened upon this gorgeous bed. This would have been a great V-Day post but sometimes life gets in the way, so you get to see it a few days late. The Italian antique bed has been retrofitted from a full size to accommodate our standard queen size mattresses, and features the most gorgeous finishing techniques with rubbed a gris and highlighted with gold accents. The bed looks as if it came straight from an Italian villa - all that is needed is an antique cassone (an Italian marriage chest typically placed at the end of the bed - it was usually heavily carved and the finest piece furniture in an Italian Renaissance-era family) and I would even hang some embroidered sheers from the canopy, just to add another romantic touch. I also love how they staged the space and mixed in some more clean lined porcelain lamps on one side to edge it up a little - a trait that LT is know for.
A closeup of the intricately carved headboard - even with bountiful pillows this headboard is still the piece de resistance

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