Monday, August 10, 2009

Antiquated Publishing

Southern Accents announced Thursday that the September/October issue will be it's last. They are just one in the long list of other shelter magazines like Domino, Blueprint, O at Home (even Oprah failed! gasp!) that have folded over the past year, and it is usually seemingly out of no where, with no big announcement a few months in advance, only a brief parting will do. I hate goodbye's so I guess that will suffice. And perhaps it will not be but a brief absence as I sometimes think as finding the selection of home decor magazine dwindling with each trip to the bookstore. What does this mean? A rise of the e-zine, where you must waste 10 seconds of your life listening to an online ad to read an article, I would rather pay $5.95 seeing how 10 seconds can add up fast over a lifetime - time over money any day... Maybe I am just old fashioned but I love shredding my magazines, pulling out pages, and filing them away for future reference. I guess I am a tactile person as are most people who read decor magazines like their Bibles. You can't always have access to a computer - who wants to use a computer on a beach or even out in the hammock in the backyard, or when the captain says "Please turn off all electrical devices" - what are you going to do for that 15 minutes it takes to get to cruising altitude, oh books, ya your right - but they don't have pretty pictures of courtyards flooding with bougainvilleas and groin vaulted ceilings, and draperies with ruched headers that break ever so gently on the floor... Also when your kid has a project at school what are you going to use to cut things out of that start with W out of - wallpaper, Wonderbread, etc...perhaps that is the biggest predicament of all. You will be missed Southern Accents!

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