Sunday, April 26, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Sam Jones IV

This weekend I ventured out to the Southlake Towne Square featuring it's annual "Art in Square" which is basically a much smaller version of the Fort Worth Main Street Art's Festival - less people, less traffic = more enjoyable experience, although there are a lot less art vendors I think it was well worth the visit.

I had visited in years past and remembered a certain vendor, thinking in the back of my mind if he was going to be exhibiting this year, as I had really fell in love with his work...I didn't purchase anything the time I went and if I had taken a card, it was long gone - don't you hate when that happens?!
As we made our way through the various streets and throughout the square I didn't see the work I remember loving so much, so after a scoop of gelato from Piccomolo we made our way back out to the car and right before we got to the exit , there it was...although I didn't have $7000 to drop on an original I did pick up some signed prints and got to chat with the artist, making sure to swap cards.

Sam Jones IV is from Houston originally and is now based out of Austin, noting that the he is directly inspired by his two favorite things...dancing and wine. I was drawn by the intense colors and passion that verbiates through his work, you are really drawn into the emotion and depth of his work - make sure you click on the link as some of my favorites are not pictured on his website and you can see them in much more detail. Pictured below are the two prints that I purchased. I had been searching for some original ink or charcoal nudes to go in my bedroom for months but hadn't found anything that really moved me and have been living with bare walls, but I would rather have nothing than something I don't absolutely love and am so glad that I waited.
Dancers in the Paint #5
(charcoal & acrylic)
Dancer's in the Paint #6
(charcoal & acrylic)
My next purchase will definately be the next one below, I will have to wait to purchase the Giclee so you can appreciate the brushstrokes and intense colors. I love the abstracted "prism" quality of it - very personal home is pretty monochromatic so this will be the pop of color that I need and a focal point where ever it ends up.
Dancer's in the Paint #2
(oil on textured canvas)
Golden Ballroom
(oil on textured canvas)
Sexy Circeled
(oil on textured canvas)
The Big Featherd Mask
(oil on textured canvas)

Featured below is Jones' ever popular "Dancer's in Wine" series, which I can't wait to select for a client's wine bar or a commercial bar project.
Dancer's in the Wine #3

Dancer's in the Wine #1

Also exhibited at the show where some architectual charcoals that I also have on my wishlist. I have emailed him to send over some jpegs of those and will post at a later date.
If you are in Austin next month, here is some information on his upcoming shows to see his work in person
May 2009
5/2 - 5/3 - “Pecan Street Festival", Austin, TX.
5/23 - 5/25 - “Austin Wine Festival”, Austin, TX.

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